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7 Reasons to grow your own organic vegetable garden

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Farming has evolved during the past few decades toward mechanization and homogenization, utilizing synthetic fertilizers, additives, herbicides, pesticides, and mass-production methods. All of this is obviously having an impact on human health, since new viruses (the most recent being avian flu) are spreading quickly both among humans and animals.

The use of chemicals and other goods on food, together with the industrial procedures used, are truly a threat to human health, according to findings from the World Health Organization.

Growing your own organic vegetable garden is a smart choice if you have space for a few pots or even a small plot of ground. I'll give you seven justifications for doing this today:

  1. Your vegetables won't contain any additives. According to research conducted by organic food associations, food additives can contribute to heart disease, osteoporosis, migraines, and hyperactivity.

  2. No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides will be used. Regardless of pests or weather, these chemical products are constantly used to obtain harvests, which has an impact on the quality of the veggies. In addition, most pesticides are toxic to people.

  3. Genetically modified (GM) foods won't be used in your produce. To help veggies grow more and bigger, they are given antibiotics, medications, and hormones. Vegetables with identical appearances and typically bland flavors are one of the effects of this approach. Additionally, we end up ingesting the hormones that were used to treat the vegetables, which could be harmful to our health.

  4. Your health will be considerably better if you eat your own organic vegetables. They won't include any of the items or substances mentioned above, and they'll be much more natural than any you could buy at the store. Because you will be aware that your vegetables have not added anything, your health won't be in danger.

  5. Organic foods you grow yourself will taste much better. Vegetables grow unnaturally and lose flavor when pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones, and antibiotics are used. Your cooking will be improved by using organic vegetables because their flavor will be more intense.

  6. Organic farming is environmentally friendly. You won't hurt the soil or the air with the chemical components because you won't use pesticides or other harmful chemicals on your crops.

  7. Growing your own organic vegetables helps to ensure both the sustainability of the environment and your personal self-sufficiency. Smaller communities that exchange naturally grown goods among its members have been established, making the world a friendlier and better place for all of us.

Eating organic food simply implies that we do not add anything to it beyond what it would naturally contain. Naturally grown food does not contain additives, fertilizers, pesticides, or hormones, as you would have guessed. Grow your own organic vegetables for improved health; all you need are a few pots.


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