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A Practical Approach to Healthy Eating

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

For almost 25 years, I have performed push-ups five days a week. My arms are fairly powerful, but it wasn't an overnight development. I quit doing push-ups after a few weeks or months of not doing them. If I wanted to consistently achieve the results I have, I had to make push-ups a habit.

The same is true for eating healthfully. If you only consume nutritious meals periodically, you will never be healthy. If you wish to achieve nutritional health, you must develop proper eating habits. When reading books or visiting websites that discuss nutrition, people quickly adopt the "bandwagon" of good eating. Many of these books and websites tell you what to eat in order to be healthy, but they don't show you how to develop a habit of eating healthfully. As a result, when temptations arise, people quickly revert to their old unhealthy eating patterns.

How do habits form? A habit is defined as "a behave,ior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiological exposure that manifests itself in regularity or increased facility of performance" in the Webster's dictionary.

Can you see how we can get robust health if we simply apply this idea to healthy eating?

  1. Bad Eating Patterns: Unhealthy eating patterns do not arise overnight. For the majority of people, these habits developed when they were young. Because these harmful eating habits have been a part of many adults' lifestyles for a long time, this is one reason why they find it difficult to change them.

  2. Why Do We Consume Food? We eat food for two primary purposes. One is to give our bodies fuel. The second motive is for enjoyment. Sadly,, some of the things that we enjoy eating are bad for us. The majority of people choose their meals based on what they can see, smell, or taste. Take a look at these three phrases: Oh, that pie looks delicious! I love the way that pie smells! The pie definitely tastes nice! Take note that pleasure and food are mentioned in all three sentences. However, the item that is giving you pleasure (in this case, the pie) may or may not be nutritiously beneficial to you. Because of this, we must choose our meals carefully and not just rely on our senses of sight, taste, and smell.

  3. Healthy Eating Can Be Fun: Some individuals believe that eating healthfully is monotonous and bland. They may feel this way, in part, since the majority of food advertisements we see promote items that are heavy in calories, fat, or sugar, while very little food promotion is done for fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. Therefore, more and more individuals would discover that eating healthily is enjoyable and delicious if there was more nutritional education.

  4. How Developing a Healthier Diet Affects My Life: My wife persuaded me to visit the doctor for a checkup in 1998. I didn't feel ill, but she made it very apparent that it was a good idea to have a yearly physical. I'm glad I paid attention to her. I've been active my entire life. Every week, I run 18 kilometers. So I wasn't prepared for the horrible news the doctor told me when I went in. He informed me that I had pre-diabetes. If left untreated, diabetes can be very serious. It ranks among the main causes of death in the country. The body no longer produces the insulin required to control blood sugar levels because to a pancreatic illness. I was advised by my doctor that I didn't need to be put on medication, but he did advise that I start reading books about good eating. My journey toward developing appropriate eating habits, which improved my health, began with that. Today, I can genuinely claim that my health is terrific. I keep a healthy weight, I sleep well, people comment that I don't look my age, my blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and immune system are all within normal ranges, and the list goes on. I also feel wonderful and have a strong immune system. Being healthy is wonderful, and I praise God for it. However, I do not think that by accident I am healthy. I firmly think that I take personal responsibility for my health, which is one of the key reasons I am in good health. A significant portion of this responsibility is developing good eating habits. Proper diet enforces the laws that regulate our physical bodies. We will become ill if we continuously break these regulations and consume harmful foods.


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