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All About Protein

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Our bodies rely heavily on proteins. They are used by people other than bodybuilders to add muscular mass. Patients who are ill utilize them to repair damaged tissue, and even in healthy conditions, our bodies use protein for a variety of purposes.

Amino acids are folded together to form proteins. There are two types of amino acids: necessary amino acids, which our bodies cannot create, and non-essential amino acids, which our bodies can. Proteins are considered full when they include every essential amino acid, but they are considered incomplete when they are missing one or more essential amino acids. Complete proteins can be found in foods including meat, eggs, cheese, dairy products, and soy. The majority of incomplete proteins come from plant sources, with soy being the lone exception.

Complete proteins should be the best source. That usually doesn't cause issues for folks. Try lean cuts of beef, chicken, and turkey if you are concerned about your intake of fat. Getting a variety of vegetables and whole grains throughout the day will ensure that all necessary amino acids are ingested for vegetarians whose primary source is incomplete proteins. Additionally, employing soy protein, the only full vegetable source of protein, is highly advantageous.


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