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Drinking Water Scams Revealed

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Before you think about paying for water, read this article.

Isn't it good to quit poisoning ourselves with tainted or unsafe water to drink? I, for one, thought it would be wonderful to locate a supply of affordable, safe drinking water. (In an ideal world, I'd want to open the faucet and have water pour out!)

We've all seen the incredible claims people make about their health products AND about how your entire life will be revolutionized, whether it's treating cancer with magnets, herbal wonder-remedies, or Vioxx. Right now, I can tell you that 90% of them are scams. Some of these con artists may have even used you to sell them the newest fad. Me too. I can't remember all the many types of drinking water I've purchased. A lie becomes "the truth" if it is spoken enough times.

I finally gave up after experiencing numerous letdowns. I made the decision to dig more into the urge we all have to ensure that our most essential nutrient, water, will keep us healthy rather than make us ill.

I looked at numerous academic and government websites, as well as countless business ones, and I was appalled by what I kept coming across:

  • Outdated information or info repeated from other websites

  • Wild and sensational claims

  • No research

  • No refunds, etc.

I was already aware that the up to 2000 pollutants in our tap water make it unsafe to drink.

In particular, I discovered

  1. Bottled water is often nothing more than filtered tap water sold at exorbitant markups and at a significant environmental cost.

  2. Reverse osmosis and distilled water: Completely disregarded the scientific research demonstrating the risks associated with long-term consumption of water that is devoid of minerals, acidic in nature, and oxidizing. I rapidly discovered that these products were either worthless, excessively expensive, or would be long-term detrimental. Additionally, the businesses grinned all the way to the bank.

However, I was able to locate a few genuine, well-researched devices, including water ionizers and specific filters. I discovered and, two websites that compare reputable water purifiers. (The first of these sites is clear in its evaluation of what different water filters do, even though it doesn't address the issue of the acidity of drinking water.)

For the sake of your health, I hope you don't let bogus promises deceive you and look at these sites.


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